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1.12.2011 . A change of heart, a change of mind
After a wild ride that lasted many months, two CD's and a lot of fun I decided that it's time to apply the creativity elsewhere. What does that mean? Well for starters it means that I'm not planning to record any more new KROP songs. Not sure about the live shows - if something cool comes up, I'll go out there and wreak havoc. But generally it's time to move on and focus on my new project, which is NOT electro in any form.

26.04.2011 . Blue Screen in the Sky with Violence!!!!
Go and get it here Blue Screen in the Sky with Violence! . (70mb). Put your headphones on and enjoy!

1.03.2011 . Blue Screen in the Sky with Violence - we're almost ready!
Final tracklist closed, last touches and we're done. Count to H, Everything you own owns you, Paranoia, Grind, Electrotrash, dreams part III, Frontside Lipslide, Walkie-Talkie, Nightcall, Timelapse, Kafkaesque, Videogame.

Yes, it's 12 tracks, more than ever, but I think it reflects exactly what I was trying to say here so no more no less. 12 is just right. Now we're gonna focus on presenting it live. And who knows what comes next.

17.02.2011 . Whoa, what's that ?
While the CD is in it's sort of final stages, and there are live shows ahead for the spring, we revamped and changed the website to better reflect the new music / ideas and the project as a whole.


Krop is an ambassador of an alien invasion on both your minds and your ears. It came to life years ago, but was silent, until the urge to shout it all out took over. Bruce Willis cannot stop our invasion, even if Will Smith made him a lotta coffee.


Before Krop took him over g1sh was a pretty busy dude. He co-founded and ran Illusion of Sense art group in Poland which managed to publish some books and make some nationwide exhibitions. Then he wrote a short story that became the concept and the lyrics for psychedelic rock project "dust|box" which was done musically mostly by "dust", with all the words done by g1sh and with a couple of people contributing to some of the tracks. Then g1sh and Adian directed, recorded and made into reality the 22:22 movie (link). After a couple of years Square Extension came into play with many national and international (Germany, UK) gigs and two EP's released. G1sh is also working on some movies again, and doing animations, visuals and performance art. Sometimes he experiences a blackout and then Krop takes over to create and/or destroy.


Krop started out as an alien secret agent infiltrating planet Mars years ago. He played tic-tac-toe with the rovers, but he was always staying behind them so for years nobody in NASA noticed him. But then he got bored and started hitting asteroids with a baseball bat. One of them hit a small province in Siberia and the resulting crater started filling out with oil. They're pretty rich out there right now. Yeah! Krop was pulled from Mars after one of the Rovers nearly found one of his wine bottles which would of course cause a frenzy among the humans. Alien Propaganda Office transferred him to earth and posted a replacement on mars. Krop came to earth and decided to take over G1sh since he already had some crazy ideas in his head. Those ideas became reality as the "CIRCLES" album was released on December 22nd, 2009. And now live shows will bring you Krop loud and clear!

Currently the live lineup is g1sh and madafadaboi, but we're planning to expand to bring you an even richer experience with as little computer tracks as possible.



Nursery rhymes, APC guitar, synths, production, ideas, psychosis.
Also a part of "Malewicz" band.



Live drums, synths.
Also a part of Slutocasters.

We believe sharing is caring. That's why we share all of our music for free. If you like it you can of course send us a few trucks of money, but you don't have to. Enjoy.

Blue Screen in the Sky with Violence! . (70mb). Put your headphones on and enjoy!

You can still download the first EP - Circles right HERE (50mb). Enjoy!


Everything you own owns you by Kropband

Count to H by Kropband

Nightcall (Kavinsky cover) by Kropband

Paranoia by Kropband

Here's our photo stream. It will include most recent pictures from our live shows, photo sessions and various other crap.

krop pictures

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