We build digital products.

Websites and web apps

We create world class front-end web apps. Our developers aside from being skillend in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery, also have knowledge about typography, color theory and aesthetics. That allows us to create pixel perfect solutions, looking exactly like the design. We strive to reach 98% design consistency, as the remaining 2% is just the difference of how the browsers render fonts. We also have a lot of experience creating complex, data driven, interactive graphs and charts using the D3 library.

Mobile applications

We build high quality, complete mobile solutions for iOS and Android. We prefer to code the apps native, and just as with websites the apps we do are pixel-perfect. All finished products go through an extensive Quality Assurance process, to make sure it's perfect. Over the years we've done apps for the entertainment industry, kids apps, mobile games, startup apps, medical and fintech. A couple of examples here

Babynote application screen on telephone
Babynote - Smart pregnancy tracker we've built and designed.

Internet of things, Augmented Reality & Smart watches

We're up to date on all the recent trends. HYPE4 builds augmented reality products using Apple AR kit, and Internet of Things enabled apps that work with external devices. We were one of the first Apple Watch users - just a couple of days after they launched worldwide. Because of that we had the time to learn and build for the platform ahead of most other companies. We also experiment with VR (Virtual Reality) and Smart Home devices.

Fintech application screen on tablet

Quality assurance.

— The coded product has to look exactly like the design.

Technologies we use

We build mobile apps natively in Swift (iOS) and Java (Android). Websites are created using HTML5, CSS3 (using LESS CSS), JavaScript and jQuery. We also worked on projects using Angular JS, React and Vue.JS. We created front-end apps for systems built using both .NET and PHP. All coded projects are tested on a variety of test-devices that we own - each with different screen sizes, resolutions and browsers.

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