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About Hype4
Designing since 1999
We started designing websites back in 1999. Over the years both
the internet and our approach to design has changed and improved significantly. We have done countless web and print projects for companies both big (see below) and small.

In 2008 we started doing Mobile Web Design, User Experience design and Design + Usability Audits. We do design lectures at various events.

We also do personal projects - viral websites like (przyklej), art-oriented communities (illusion of sense) and of course our own mobile games - HungrySquid being the prime example here. We explore new ideas and are currently working on new mobile experiences.

We also write two design-oriented blogs (both have been online since 2010) that are read by thousands of design enthusiasts monthly.

We have done work for companies from all over the world, especially: UK, United States, Germany, Spain & Poland:
nestle,pilsner,upc, renault, algida, netia
We do creative direction, innovative UX design, web design, mobile design and print design.
Hype4 is Michal Malewicz. Get in touch at: letstalkhype4 (dot) com

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